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Prémiová The doctor is pricking acupuncture with a model.Chinese character translation:Drawing acupuncture #2099855005

The doctor is pricking acupuncture with a model.Chinese character translation:Drawing acupuncture

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Frame Torso Anatomy Bod Build Chassis Embodiment Figure Form Makeup Protoplasm Shaft Shape Trunk Exemplary Miniature Classic Classical Copy Dummy Facsimile Imitation Perfect Representative Standard Arch Champion First Front Leading Main Pioneer Premier Prime Principal Masculine Macho Art Discipline Education Information Learning Skill System Technique Branch Erudition Lore Scholarship Wisdom Age-old Antique Archaic Hoary Old-fashioned Timeworn Venerable Aged Antediluvian Bygone Elderly Fossil Oldie Relic Remote Ability Civilization Experience Fashion Perception Practice Science Accomplishment Address Capacity Class Courtesy Cultivation Delicacy Dignity Discrimination Dress Elegance Elevation Enlightenment Finish Gentility Grace Improvement Kindness Manners Nobility Polish Politeness Proficiency Refinement Savoir-faire Tact Training Urbanity Common Conventional Historic Long-established Old Popular Regular Time-honored Universal East Eastern Energy Fitness Strength Well-being Bloom Complexion Constitution Euphoria Fettle Haleness Hardihood Hardiness Healthfulness Healthiness Lustiness Pink Robustness Salubriousness Salubrity Soundness Stamina State Tone Tonicity Verdure Vigor Wholeness Concern Load Responsibility Aggravation Alarm Annoyance Anxiety Apprehension Bother Burden Chagrin Charge Consternation Dismay Disquiet Distress Disturbance Fear Foreboding Fretfulness Misgiving Nuisance Onus Oppression Perplexity Pressure Solicitude Strain Stress Tribulation Trouble Uneasiness Unhappiness Vexation Woe Worry Analysis Cure Healing Medicine Remedy Therapeutics Hospitalization Medication Operation Prescription Regimen Surgery Therapy Diet Determine Enroll Gain Get Grasp Master Pick up Read Receive Review Study Apprentice Attain Con Cram Grind Imbibe Lucubrate Matriculate Memorize Peruse Prepare Ache Agony Burn Cramp Discomfort Fever Illness Injury Irritation Misery Sickness Soreness Spasm Tenderness Torment Twinge Wound Affliction Catch Convulsion Crick Gripe Hurt Laceration Malady Pang Paroxysm Prick Smarting Sting Stitch Throb Throe Tingle Torture Bite Inspire Electrify Injure Needle Pique Poke Prickle Smart Angst Doubt Dread Jitters Mistrust Nervousness Panic Restlessness Suffering Suspense Uncertainty Unease Botheration Butterflies Care Creeps Disquietude Downer Drag Fidgets Flap Fuss Heebie-jeebies Jumps Shakes Shivers Sweat Watchfulness Willies Worriment Advise Coach Demonstrate Develop Direct Explain Instruct Lecture Show Train Tutor Brainwash Brief Catechize Communicate Drill Edify Enlighten Exercise Expound Fit Ground Guide Illustrate Imbue Impart Implant Inculcate Indoctrinate Inform Initiate Interpret Nurture Profess Rear School Sharpen Doctor Specialist Surgeon MD Bones Doc Healer Intern Medic Quack Sawbones
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