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Prémiová Town planning - Land use planning - Local town planning and cadastre maps  #1946026351

Town planning - Land use planning - Local town planning and cadastre maps

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Acreage Area Beach Continent Country Countryside District Earth Estate Farmland Field Ground Home Homeland Nation Parcel Plot Province Ranch Real estate Region Shore Soil Terrain Territory Tract Acres Dirt Expanse Extent Farming Grounds Holding Loam Mainland Manor Purlieu Quarry Realty Sod Stretch Sweep Tillage Cartoon Depiction Design Etching Graphics Layout Likeness Painting Picture Sketch Study Work of art Comp Delineation Doodle Outline Portrayal Representation Tracing Exterior Facial Outer Outward Shallow Superficial Covering Outside Shoal Top Building Construction Engineering Planning Architectonics Architecture House Hut Domicile Edifice Erection Fabric Framework Pile Superstructure Ziggurat Development Manufacture Plan Structure System Arrangement Assembly Build Cast Composition Conception Constitution Contour Cut Disposition Elevation Erecting Fabrication Figuration Figure Form Format Formation Foundation Improvisation Invention Makeup Making Mold Origination Prefab Prefabrication Raising Rearing Shape Systematization Turn Type Apartment Box Condo Condominium Dwelling Mansion Residence Shack Abode Castle Cave Co-op Coop Crib Cubbyhole Den Diggings Digs Dump Flat Flophouse Habitation Homestead Joint Kennel Lean-to Pad Pigpen Pigsty Rack Residency Roof Roost Setup Shanty Turf Employment Trade Work Biz Calling Career Craft Dodge Function Game Line Livelihood Occupation Pursuit Specialty Vocation Cardboard Disposable Boundary Outskirt Bound Bounds Brim Brink Circumference Confine End Extremity Fringe Hem Limit Lip Perimeter Periphery Rim Selvage Skirt Trim Trimming Verge Manufacturing Arranging Authorizing Constructing Handling Implementing Organization Organizing Systematizing Drawing Graph Print Atlas Diagram Draft Globe Plat Projection Archive Certificate Diary Evidence Paper Record Report Script Testimony Credentials Deed Instrument Language Pages Token Decree Guideline Law Order Precedent Regulation Ruling Statute Test Aphorism Apothegm Assize Axiom Basis Canon Command Commandment Criterion Decorum Dictum Direction Edict Etiquette Formula Fundamental Gnome Guide Keynote Keystone Maxim Model Moral Ordinance Precept Prescription Propriety Regimen Tenet Truism Artist Builder Creator Designer Engineer Inventor Planner Draftsperson Maker Originator Habitat Establishment Haunt Lodging Quarters Lodgment Quarter Shelter Sheltering Earth science Geology Geopolitics Topography Physiography Topology Game plan Master plan Prototype Scheme Archetype Rendering Deal Idea Intention Method Policy Procedure Program Project Proposal Strategy Suggestion Treatment Aim Angle Animus Contrivance Device Expedient Gimmick Intent Machination Meaning Means Orderliness Pattern Platform Proposition Purpose Scenario Stratagem Tactics Trick Undertaking Colony Enclave Land Neighborhood Sector State Street Zone Belt Block Commonwealth Dominion Empire Mandate Section Sphere Township Walk Dossier Goods Info Input Knowledge Statistics Abstracts Circumstances Compilations Conclusions Details Documents Dope Experiments Facts Figures Materials Measurements Memorandums Notes Proof Reports Results Scoop Score Backdrop Culture Education Environment History Practice Qualification Tradition Training Upbringing Accomplishments Acquirement Actions Atmosphere Attainment Aura Breeding Capacity Cultivation Deeds Grounding Preparation Seasoning Activity Business Enterprise Job Task Venture Adventure Affair Assignment Baby Blueprint Concern Exploit Feat Matter Pet Thing Application Class Consideration Course Debate Examination Exercise Inquiry Inspection Investigation Research Review Subject Survey Abstraction Analyzing Attention Cogitation Comparison Concentration Contemplation Cramming Deliberation Lesson Meditation Memorizing Muse Musing Pondering Questioning Reading Reasoning Reflection Reverie Rumination Schoolwork Scrutiny Thought Trance Weighing Book Copy Edition Engraving Lettering Lithograph Magazine Newspaper Photograph Stamp Writing Characters Face Font Impress Impression Imprint Indentation Issue Letters Newsprint Periodical Typeface Typescript Typesetting Address Announcement Article Communique Description Detail Dispatch Information Message News Note Opinion Release Statement Summary Word Brief Broadcast Cable Chronicle Communication Declaration Digest Handout Narration Narrative Piece Proclamation Pronouncement Recital Relation Rundown Tale Telegram Tidings Version Wire Equity Farm Ownership Wealth Worth Assets Belongings Buildings Capital Chattels Claim Effects Freehold Holdings Inheritance Premises Proprietary Proprietorship Resources Riches Substance Title Civic Civil Communal Governmental Mutual National Popular Social Universal Urban City Common Federal Free Government Metropolitan Open Bundle Carton Package Packet Load Pack Barrier Border Borderline Confines Edge Frontier Horizon Ambit Beginning Borderland Circumscription Compass Environs Frame Limits March Margin Mark Mere Mete Outpost Pale Precinct Purlieus Radius Side Terminal Termination Terminus
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