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Prémiová Archaeology - excavating ancient human remains with digging tool kit set at archaeological site.  #1648973617

Archaeology - excavating ancient human remains with digging tool kit set at archaeological site.

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Frame Torso Anatomy Bod Build Chassis Embodiment Figure Form Makeup Protoplasm Shaft Shape Trunk Body Character Customer Guy Human Individual Life Man Somebody Woman Being Cat Creature Gal Identity Individuality Joker Mortal Party Personage Personality Self Soul Specimen Spirit Unit Community Crowd Family Folk Nation Population Public Society Bodies Bourgeois Citizens Clan Commonality Folks Heads Herd Horde Humanity Humankind Humans Inhabitants Kin Masses Mob Mortals Multitude Nationality Persons Plebeians Populace Proletariat Race Tribe Animal Personal Anthropoid Biped Hominid Art Discipline Education Information Learning Skill System Technique Branch Erudition Lore Scholarship Wisdom Aged Ancient Decrepit Elderly Gray Mature Tired Venerable Fossil Senior Versed Veteran Age-old Antique Archaic Hoary Old-fashioned Timeworn Antediluvian Bygone Oldie Relic Remote Past Antiquity Yesterday Yesteryear Consequential Extraordinary Famous Important Memorable Significant Ability Civilization Experience Fashion Perception Practice Science Accomplishment Address Capacity Class Courtesy Cultivation Delicacy Dignity Discrimination Dress Elegance Elevation Enlightenment Finish Gentility Grace Improvement Kindness Manners Nobility Polish Politeness Proficiency Refinement Savoir-faire Tact Training Urbanity Appendage Fist Grip Palm Duke Extremity Fin Grasp Hold Hook Metacarpus Mitt Paw Shaker Garden Graveyard Mortuary Tomb Golgotha Catacomb Charnel Churchyard Crypt Grave Necropolis Ossuary Sepulcher Vault Gothic Feudal Primitive Ground Home Location Scene Section Spot Station Fix Habitat Hangout Haunt Lay Layout Locale Locality Locus Plot Point Position Post Range Situation Slot Amount Cost Number Price Rate Sum Symbol Total Cipher Digit Integer Quotation Terms Worth Dirt Field Landscape Park Sand Soil Terrain Turf Arena Dust Loam Sod Inquisitive Interested Buried Covered Subterranean Analysis Exploration Inquiry Investigation Probe Delving Experimentation Groundwork Inquest Inquisition Probing Quest Scrutiny Dignified Dull Earnest Heavy Muted Quiet Sage Sedate Sober Subdued Burial Coffin Mausoleum Monument Pit Box Trough Advancement Development Progress Acculturation Breeding Civility Edification Illumination Gibe Crack Cut Innuendo Jeer Quip Slur Sneer Taunt Wisecrack Dig Mining Removal Burrow Cavity Cutting Ditch Dugout Hole Hollow Mine Quarry Trench Cartilage Scaffolding Bones Cage Design Draft Framework Osteology Outline Sketch Support Decease Demise Dying Expiration Loss of life Passing Cessation Curtains End Euthanasia Extermination Extinction Finis Necrosis Oblivion Quietus Release Repose Termination Cranium Scalp Head Mind Skullcap Vertex Biology Cytology Diagnosis Dissection Division Embryology Etiology Examination Genetics Histology Medicine Morphology Physiology Zoology Detection Disclosure Encounter Introduction Revelation Sighting Authentication Calculation Certification Determination Discernment Empiricism Espial Exposition Exposure Feeling Hearing Identification Invention Locating Origination Sensing Strike Verification
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