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Prémiová Medieval battle scene with cavalry and infantry. Silhouettes of figures as separate objects, fight between warriors on sunset foggy background. Selective focus #1100454056

Medieval battle scene with cavalry and infantry. Silhouettes of figures as separate objects, fight between warriors on sunset foggy background. Selective focus

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Contour Likeness Portrait Shade Shadow Shape Delineation Etching Figuration Form Line Lineament Lineation Profile Garden Country Countryside Environment Hill Mountain Open Out-of-doors Patio Woods Yard Dusk Nightfall Sundown Twilight Eve Evening Eventide Gloaming Farmland Grassland Green Ground Meadow Pasture Range Terrain Territory Acreage Enclosure Glebe Lea Mead Moorland Patch Plot Tillage Tract Vineyard Capability Capacity Function Influence Potential Skill Talent Competency Dynamism Effectiveness Efficacy Endowment Faculty Gift Potentiality Qualification Commando Fighter Guard Guerrilla Marine Mercenary Officer Paratrooper Pilot Trooper Veteran Volunteer GI Cadet Conscript Draftee Gunner Infantry Musketeer Private Rank Recruit Scout Warmonger Warrior Delusion Fancy Illusion Nightmare Reverie Vision Atlantis Apparition Appearance Bubble Chimera Conceiving Creativity Daydream Envisioning Externalizing Fabrication Fairyland Fancying Fantasia Figment Flight Hallucination Imaginativeness Imagining Invention Mirage Objectifying Originality Rainbow Trip Utopia Vagary Aged Ancient Decrepit Elderly Gray Mature Tired Venerable Fossil Senior Versed Superannuated Past Antiquity Yesterday Yesteryear Alive Effective Operating Flowing Functioning Going Mobile Movable Operative Progressive Pushing Rapid Rolling Running Rushing Rustling Shifting Simmering Speeding Streaming Traveling Turning Walking Working Cloud Gloom Smog Smoke Steam Vapor Effluvium Film Grease Haze Miasma Murk Murkiness Nebula Obscurity Smother Soup Wisp Bulletproof vest Shield Defense Hard shell Mail Plate Protection Security Sheath Armor Buffer Bulwark Safeguard Shelter Absorber Aegis Armament Buckler Bumper Cover Escutcheon Rampart Screen Ward Experience Exploit Feat Scene Chance Contingency Endangerment Enterprise Happening Hazard Incident Jeopardy Occurrence Peril Speculation Undertaking Venture Brace Fortify Gird Animate Cheer Embolden Encourage Harden Hearten Inspirit Prepare Rally Ready Reinforce Strengthen Colt Filly Mare Stallion Bronco Foal Gelding Mustang Nag Plug Pony Steed Acropolis Alcazar Citadel Donjon Fastness Fort Fortification Fortress Hold Keep Manor Mansion Palace Peel Safehold Seat Stronghold Tower Villa Barrier Garrison Bastille Castle Redoubt Gothic Antique Archaic Feudal Primitive Bastion Presidio Hard hat Hat Busby Kepi Shako Battle Bloodshed Combat Conflict Fighting Hostility Strife Strike Struggle Warfare Contention Contest Enmity Hostilities Campaigning Clash Competition Discord Rivalry War Arms Blows Counterinsurgency Emulation Strategy Striving Tug-of-war Dark Adumbration Dimness Penumbra Umbra Umbrage Blade Dagger Weapon Bill Brand Cutlass Epee Foil Rapier Scimitar Champion Hero Soldier Battler Combatant Association Band Body Class Club Company Crowd Faction Gang Organization Party Society Troop Accumulation Aggregation Assemblage Assembly Assortment Batch Battery Bevy Bunch Bundle Cartel Category Chain Circle Clique Clot Clump Cluster Clutch Collection Combination Combine Conglomerate Congregation Coterie Covey Crew Formation Gathering Grade League Lot Mess Pack Parcel Passel Platoon Pool Posse Set Sort Suite Syndicate Trust Event Fight Match Meeting Series Sport Test Tourney Duel Games Joust Meet Tilt Commonwealth County Crown Division Domain Dominion Dynasty Empire Field Lands Monarchy Nation Possessions Principality Province Realm Reign Rule Scepter Sovereignty Sphere State Suzerainty Sway Throne Action Assault Attack Bombing Campaign Crusade Encounter Skirmish Barrage Brush Carnage Engagement Fray Havoc Onset Onslaught Press Ravage Scrimmage Sortie Banneret Cavalier Chevalier Companion Gallant Gentleman Horseman Lover Man-at-arms Paladin Partisan Protagonist Templar Altercation Argument Bout Brawl Confrontation Controversy Disagreement Dispute Exchange Feud Melee Quarrel Riot Round Scuffle Wrangling Affray Broil Difficulty Dissension Dogfight Fisticuffs Fracas Free-for-all Fuss Row Ruckus Rumble Scrap Set-to Tiff To-do Tussle Group Horde Mass Mob People Sellout Throng Army Array Blowout Cattle Concourse Confluence Conflux Congeries Crush Deluge Drove Flock Flood Gaggle Herd Host Jam Legion Masses Multitude Muster Rabble Scores Stream Surge Swarm Troupe Tumult Bayonet Gar Halberd Javelin Lancet Partizan Pike Accoutrements Armaments Artillery Equipment Firearms Guns Munitions Ordnance Panoply Weapons Shootout Brush-off Flap Jackpot Mix up Run-in Brutality Confusion Cruelty Disorder Disturbance Rampage Terrorism Abandon Acuteness Bestiality Blowup Coercion Compulsion Constraint Destructiveness Duress Ferocity Fervor Fierceness Frenzy Fury Harshness Murderousness Passion Power Roughness Savagery Severity Sharpness Storm Storminess Turbulence Uproar Vehemence Wildness
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