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Premium Strawberry isolated. Strawberry on white. Full depth of field. With clipping path #1936812106

Strawberry isolated. Strawberry on white. Full depth of field. With clipping path

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Author Maks Narodenko
Shutterstock ID 1936812106
Added on March 16, 2021
(1 year ago)
Aspect ratio 1.2749
Illustration   No
Adult   No
Med size (JPG) 1000 x 784 px, 0.7 Mb, 300 DPI
Small size (JPG) 500 x 392 px, 0.2 Mb, 300 DPI
Huge size (JPG) 7309 x 5733 px, 20.7 Mb, 300 DPI
Categories Backgrounds/Textures Objects

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